Handout Protection 500 Packets


ü 4 mL of hand sanitizer per single-use packet allows for full-hand coverage (palms, top of hands, fingertips, and wrists).

ü Many marketplace comparable products only contain a 1 mL portion-size, an amount research finding have shown not adequate to protect and clean adult hands.

ü Ingredients:  75% Isopropyl alcohol, condensed green tea (EGCGs), hydrogen peroxide, glycerin

ü Research findings show that viruses can be resistant to alcohol alone. 

ü Medical and academic research are documenting green tea’s 5,000-year track record of anti-viral and anti-bacterial benefits.

üHandout Protection contains green tea’s EGCGs for enhanced killing of virus and bacteria that are potentially disease-causing.

Ultimate Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer

ü Single - Use Hand Sanitizer packets

ü Formulated With 75% Pharmaceutical Grade ISOPROPYL Alcohol

ü Formulated with Condensed Organic Green Tea Premium

ü Organic Green Tea brewed in Alkaline Water

ü Manufactured in FDA Registered Facility  

ü Non- Sticky

ü No noticeable residual

ü Kills 99.9% of Germs

ü Produced under strict quality- control standards

ü Perfect for all Sales Channels

ü Antioxidant rich

ü Great as a hand wash when soap and water are not available

ü Keeps hands soft

ü No more lugging bottles around-no more need for touching shared sanitizer pumps or dispensers

ü Enough to wash both hands front and back, under the nails, and up to wrist.

ü Great for children and elderly

ü Actual Anti-Bacterial liquid but without that terrible and funky smell that 100’s of hand sanitizers on the market offer.

ü Many offers just thin liquid rubbing alcohol and some oils and it smells terrible.

ü The Handout Protection is different!!

ü True liquid, antioxidant rich formulated with Isopropyl and green tea.

ü Handout Protection individual packets are anti-microbial that not only smells good (without perfumes added), tinted in a rich light brown color which is the green teas.

ü Premium product as it stands out from the crowd and is great for the skin too

ü Green-Tea Proprietary Formula: Green Tea: Medical and academic research have documented green tea’s EGCG’s anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties which provide enhanced antimicrobial “killing power” so essential in circumstances such as the current global pandemic.

ü Green tea long-known by many consumers as a source of antioxidants that neutralize free radicals

ü Contains USDA Certified Organic green tea extract for increased virucidal activity

ü 80% isopropyl alcohol - Isopropyl alcohol is a known natural antimicrobial treatment. For more efficient, non-harmful effectiveness, the proposed formulation contains 80% isopropyl alcohol chosen instead of the often-recommended 70%.

ü Many current marketplace product lines only offer lower limits of the CDC-advised alcohol percentages or offer non-alcohol based products.

ü A research collaboration of the US Army DENTAC, China’s Wuhan University, and Augusta University published its 2016 research findings showing that the EGCGs in an alcohol-based hand sanitizer product line with a green tea component were highly effective in reducing viral growth following short periods of exposure to the product.

ü Hydrogen Peroxide as an additional ingredient: a chemical compound often used as an antiseptic

ü Size: 30 millimeters x 60 millimeters (approximately 1 ¼ x 2 ½ inches)

ü Contents: 2.5 milliliters of hand sanitizer

ü Nail cleaning component: It is planned that the single-use packet will have a built-in disposable nail cleaning component on the edge of the packet

ü Portability: Flat leak-proof packet for easy mobility (shirt or pants pocket | purse)

ü Single-Use: Pre-measured | No waste | No guessing

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